Hybrid & Electric

Hybrid & Electric

Trends are changing in this world, especially in automotive and transport sector. With hybrid and electric vehicles that have entered this race, it’s difficult to find people who have expertise in this area because these are not your conventional vehicles that can be taken to a traditional garage to get fixed. When you take your car to most of those places, you will usually have to bring it back home with the answer that you need to take it to your main dealer to get it fixed. This can be costly as well as highly inconvenient.

However, here at MD Vehicle Solutions we have had our finger on the pulse with hybrid & electric vehicles from the start of the mainstream introduction and have up-to-date diagnostic equipment and knowledge to carry out maintenance and repairs of hybrid as well as electric vehicles.

The thing to remember is that both these types of vehicles need to be treated very differently to conventional combustion engine vehicles, including diagnostics and tooling and operation that needs to be understood.

Our technicians, however, are trained in vehicle systems and hold the relevant IMI Qualifications that allows them to treat your car with the complete procedure that it needs to go through. Besides all this, we have trained technicians who will provide you with the perfect counsel about your vehicle and the special care that is required to maintain it.

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