Of all the parts of your car that you notice or think about, the exhaust pipe is probably pretty low down the list. Tucked away under the car, it’s not something that a lot of people think about unless it’s literally falling off. However, around 7% of all MOT failures are down to damaged exhausts, and it’s worth remembering that your car’s exhaust system is more than just the pipe we see poking out from under the car.

The exhaust system reduces your car’s emissions, keeps the noise to a legal level, and of course carries toxic fumes away from you and your passengers. However, extremes of weather and general wear and tear, from the roads, can damage various parts of the exhaust system.

If you notice your car sounds louder than usual, or if there is a hissing or rattling sound from the car as you drive, there’s a good chance that you have an issue with the exhaust. If you hear or see any issues with the exhaust, then give us a call and we can come to check if there is an issue that needs addressing.

Thankfully, many repairs for exhaust pipes are simple procedures that can be carried out quickly and for a very reasonable cost. However, leaving a problem unchecked will cost you far more in the long run – from increased fuel consumption, to failed MOT checks, and in the worst case scenarios you even risk fire or the inhalation of dangerous fumes.

Our team of mechanics will diagnose any problem, and offer you a transparent quote on how best to fix the issue. Moreover, as we come to you, when it best suits you, there’s no need for the whole process to be exhausting. Sorry, we’ll stick to repairing cars and leave the puns from now on.

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