There is a range of services that we offer for the upkeep of your car’s tyres, but when drivers think of tyres, the first thought is probably the dreaded puncture. If you’ve driven for long enough, chances are you’ve had a puncture at some point, and if you haven’t…lucky you!

Unfortunately, most punctures will require a whole new tyre, but if it’s possible to safely repair your existing tyre, then that’s what our mechanics will do.

If your tyres are fairly new, then having to replace one due to a rogue nail is even more frustrating, but for your safety, any good mechanics must follow the British Standard and only repair a tyre that has 6mm or less damage within the central 3/4 of the tyre. Repairing any larger puncture, or one outside this central area, would put too much strain on your tyre and risk it bursting.

Likewise, if you have Runflat tyres, which allow you to drive for a short distance on a punctured tyre, these need to be fully replaced if damaged.

Whether it’s a repair or a tyre change needed, our team will provide the highest level of service for a great price.

As mentioned, there are other areas of tyre upkeep that you may also want to consider. Tyre rotation is not something that a lot of drivers do, but it can help avoid uneven wearing – which can affect handling or lead to a puncture itself. If you use this service, our team will assess the wear and tear on your tyres and swap them around to ensure that they are wearing evenly.

Likewise, maintaining optimal air pressure in your tyres will ensure safer handling, greater fuel economy and reduce tread-wearing. Many cars now have an inbuilt alert system to warn the driver of low tyre pressure, and if you see this light then don’t hesitate to have it quickly dealt with. If you’re unsure about the pressure, then we can easily check this for you.

With all this talk of punctures and air pressure in tyres, we did think of making a pun about how our services won’t “let you down”, but luckily for you, we decided against it!

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