Electrical repairs

Aside from the headlights, electric windows and the radio, a lot of people probably don’t think about their car as an electrical device. However, unless you’re driving Fred Flintstone’s car, electrical components are integral to almost everything your car does. The moment you turn the key, the battery comes to life to help get you on your way, and many of the safety features of modern vehicles – from ABS brakes to airbags – rely upon electrics.

You won’t need a mechanic to tell you there’s a problem if your car simply won’t start, but there are numerous components to your car’s electrics that can begin to fail before it becomes as obvious as the car refusing to budge. If you see any of your dashboard lights flickering, or the headlights seem dimmer than usual, there could be a problem with the alternator. Battery leaks or simply loose wires are other common issues that will need addressing.

At MD Solutions, all of our mechanics are trained to the highest degree to test for, identify and fix any problems, at a place of your choosing. Every customer is different, and while some might only want to call in a mechanic for a complex issue, plenty of others would rather have someone on hand to solve any problems they experience. Whatever your situation, we are happy to help.

From fuses to alternators and solenoids – let one of our team worry about the jargon (and the wiring) to make sure your car is running exactly as it is supposed to. Whether it’s simply changing a fuse or conducting major electrical repairs, we will provide you with the highest level of service for the best price we can possibly provide.

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