Almost every motorist will experience a flat battery at some point in their life, and breakdowns caused by battery issues are one of the most common call outs that we get at MD Solutions. For most drivers, it will simply be a moment of forgetfulness that leads to a drained battery; headlights or simply an interior light left on will quickly lead to a flat battery.

However, while many dead batteries will simply need a jump start to get you on your way, like any electrical component, batteries do have a shelf life. How long any battery lasts depends on a variety of factors, including your driving habits, and even where you live. A lot of short, stop-start journeys will wear down a car’s battery, and cold weather can shorten its lifespan too.

Many modern drivers also demand far more from their car’s battery these days, with satnavs and mobile phones charging, there is a lot more pressure put on the poor old battery.

If you have a problem with your car starting, whether you think you know what caused it or not, please don’t hesitate to have one of our team come to visit you.

Our expert mechanics will run tests on your battery to ascertain whether there is a problem elsewhere in the car, or whether there’s a simple solution, such as a loose connection than just needs a little tightening.

If the battery needs replacing, then don’t panic, it is one of the most affordable car repairs you can have carried out, and it’s something our mechanics have done more times than they’ve had hot dinners – and we promise that’s because we change a lot of batteries, not because we all like salad for our dinner!

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